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Why is it important for Wholesale Restaurant Suppliers to be prepared for the busy festive period?

People order more Chinese takeaways in the lead up to Christmas, that’s why you need a reliable Wholesale Restaurant Supplier to help keep up with the high demands of the busy season.

People from the UK start ordering more and more takeaways as the big day approaches. Christmas dinners can be challenging. Sourcing food in the current climate is not easy. Catering for a bigger crowd which can include fussy eaters is stressful… If you ask us, they might as well just order a Chinese take-away.

So it’s understandable with all this going on, that your customers treat themselves more around this period. Despite the cost of living crisis, the demand for eating out is still very popular. So, as the nights get colder, and your phone begins ringing off the hook, it’s key to have a Wholesale Restaurant Supplier that’s got your back so you don’t let your customers down.

Reasons why Triple Eight make great Wholesale Restaurant Suppliers:

  1. Large range of products
  2. Quality you can count on
  3. Good location
  4. Amazing customer service
  5. Best value for money
Asian Wholesale Food Distributor

Large range of products

As much as we’d all like to buy fresh, it’s just not practical. Freezing goods enables us to make out-of-season products attainable all year round meaning we can offer you more products. Canned and frozen goods become extremely useful when handling busier periods like Christmas. Freezing prepared braised and blanched elements of your dish. allows you to focus on the parts of the menu that need more attention. It’s financially and environmentally efficient. Less products wasted, less money wasted and less of your time wasted.

Quality you can count on

This counts more now than ever, with more choices and the ease of a few clicks to place an order, customers want high quality. The pandemic made many appreciate food more and eating out is still seen as an extra special experience due to not being allowed to do so for so long. Therefore, at Triple Eight we offer a large range of high quality authentic products sourced from our wide network of experienced and knowledgeable buyers across the Far East. 


Location is important when choosing your Wholesale Restaurant Supplier. We’re situated on the border of Wiltshire and Somerset. Being in the South West we are perfectly placed to deliver to the south of England and Wales. If you choose us as your Wholesale Restaurant Supplier you will work with a salesman who specialises in your area, they are knowledgeable and understand your area well.

Amazing customer service

We’re a click or phone call away. Our sales team are eagerly waiting to answer your call and help you with all your supplies. We have professional relationships and a great reputation, most of our customers have been with us since the beginning. Once you go Triple Eight, you don’t go back.


Best value for money

We can offer our goods at the very best value for money in the marketplace providing the products you deserve at the right price.

Why you should choose Triple Eight as your Wholesale Restaurant Supplier!

If the above isn’t enough, then speak to a member of our team to truly understand why we are the best at what we do. Swap suppliers now before the busy festive period begins.

Download our products list and have a look for yourself or get in touch and one of our experienced staff will help you get what you need.


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