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Business Food Suppliers 2023 trends

Triple Eight is a business food supplier that believes knowledge is power. We’ve done the research into next year’s trends so you don’t have to.

With the cost of living crisis and the after-effects of the covid pandemic, consumers’ habits have changed. Read below to keep up with the trends and learn ways to keep your customers during these times.
Ways to keep your customers during the cost of living crisis:

Cheaper Options

On the positive side, people are not yet willing to stop eating out and ordering takeaways, after being restricted for so long. However, with budgets under strain and the instability of the future, many are choosing to compromise by ordering cheaper dishes to afford this luxury. Triple Eight sells a wide range of products to suit your needs. We’re a business food supplier that looks after its customers. 

Flexible ingredients

Supply chain fluctuations are hard to predict at this time, having flexible ingredient lists and interchangeable recipes that can adapt to the stock that’s offered will make you more prepared. Our salesman at Triple Eight Supplies will keep you in the loop with what’s in stock so you can always feel informed.

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Supporting eco-friendly behaviours

More pressure on brands to deliver value and support eco-friendly behaviours by offering and promoting more environmentally conscious decisions like making cutlery optional in takeaways, recyclable packaging and smaller portions. Also, look into options to expand your menu to include more plant-based options to cater to a growing audience. Triple Eight Supplies are currently researching the market and may in the future offer more recyclable friendly options and possibly vegan products too.

Catering for younger consumers and the digital age

Gen Z and Millennials want to purchase goods that line up with their beliefs and values. The main motivation comes from constantly sharing their lifestyles through social media, each thought behind the choice is victim to their followers’ judgement and fuelled by comparison culture. The consumer’s voice is louder due to their ability to generate content and create trends that define the market which has changed the way we all shop. Celebs and influencers recommending your business creates success.

Digital presence is key to being seen as a legitimate business; this means you need a website and up-to-date social media accounts (possibly with options to order from you without having to speak to someone over the phone). These conscious consumers want to research your brand. They also want to tag you in their food photos and promote your business for free through digital word of mouth. Don’t miss out on this massive audience by falling behind.

Offering buy now pay later subscriptions or memberships

Many businesses including delivery services and takeaways are now offering alternative payment schemes to their customers. Also, they’re offering memberships, where businesses are able to reward their loyal customers with deals. It’s predicted that consumers will pick places providing these payment schemes over ones that don’t in the future. 

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What now…

We hope the above can help you feel more at ease with going into the new year. If you’re not already a customer, swap suppliers now to a business food supplier that cares! We can’t wait to work with you!

Download our products list and have a look for yourself or get in touch and one of our experienced staff will help you get what you need.


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