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Why bulk buy non perishable wholesale goods?

Convenience of bulk buying non perishable goods

Frozen, dry and canned goods keep for longer. If you’re good with stock rotation and keeping on top of your stock, products should rarely run out when you have a reliable food service supplier you can depend on. 

It makes things faster and more convenient for you than other shopping options. Supermarkets and exclusive wholesale membership stores can waste your time and money by having to do more trips and possibly purchasing impulsive buys. 

Another bonus for having a wholesaler is their trucks are bigger, you may not own a truck as large and ideal for transporting your goods. As you won’t be able to fill your vehicle with the volume of food you need there will be more trips and more money spent on fuel.

Additional benefits of frozen food

The benefits of finding a wholesale restaurant supplier / Chinese restaurant supplier, you can depend on are endless.

Freezing goods is not only a natural experience without preservatives but has great benefits for you and the environment. Products are frozen at their highest quality where the freshness is locked in and preserved. It’s often fresher than fresh food found in supermarkets as these goods have to travel before meeting the consumer, gradually losing freshness, and vitamin content can lower with every minute that passes. 

Triple Eight provides a quality you can count on as many of the products come directly from the manufacturers. Our technical team ensures products reach high standards every time by adding extra controls to a number of these goods by packing them in our brands.

The benefits of finding a wholesale restaurant supplier / Chinese restaurant supplier, you can depend on are endless. For chefs, frozen foods can be defrosted with speed if needed through the use of microwaves, steaming or air-frying. The products are packaged to enable easy portion control and due to freezing extending shelf life, menus can be planned far in advance. It also makes it easier to handle emergencies and prepare for unexpected busier times.

By controlling your portions and placing items back in the freezer that you don’t need, not only saves you money but also reduces food waste. You can use as little or as much as you want. This is great for your bottom line but also for the planet. About a third of the world’s food goes to waste, which is a big problem and by shopping smarter and more sustainably we can all do our bit to help.

Wholesale suppliers are able to offer more choice, the benefits of frozen goods means they can provide seasonal products all year round and those more exotic hard to find items. This enables you to provide better service to your customers by offering the goods they want.

Chinese Food Wholesale Vans

Download our products list to see the large variety of products Triple Eight sells and have a look for yourself or get in touch and one of our experienced staff will help you get what you need.


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