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A guide to finding the right food service supplier for your business?

Before the 19th century, manufacturers had to create their own client lists, research the industry and promote their own products. Once the wholesaler market boomed, it created more opportunities for overseas manufacturers to produce and ship large volumes of food products to any area in the world with more ease.

Wholesale food distribution is bulk buying products in large quantities and selling them at wholesale prices to their customers. The retailer then resales the individual product to the public, this is either directly via a shop or with an additional service added such as providing a cooked dish.

How to find the right food supplier?

The first step to finding the right food service supplier for you, is to figure out what your needs are. Are there any particular products you customers rely on you for? Do you wish to work with a global wholesaler or a local one? 

You’ll need to do some research and discover the companies’ customer service. Have they got a good reputation and can they be relied on?

Some wholesalers choose to specialise, Triple Eight focuses on Asian cuisine, making them more knowledgeable and have more understanding of their target markets needs. Their customers range from restaurants and takeaways who take advantage of the packaging they also sell and Oriental supermarkets/stores who enjoy ordering a large range of products including their canned goods. Both benefit from securing those unique items hard to find in UK supermarkets. Currently, Triple Eight does not sell directly to the public as of yet.

You’ll need a digital presence by creating social media accounts for your business. LinkedIn is a great professional platform to build connections and relationships. It’s a way to easily network and by following your wholesaler you’ll possibly find product deals and promotions. 

You should try and attend as many trade shows as possible. This is a great way to build professional connections face-to-face. These events are designed to bring professionals together in this way, the shows can be long and sometimes continue over a few days but definitely beneficial. 

Asian Food Wholesale Vans

Why not just buy the products straight from the manufacturer?

Manufacturers produce an extremely large number of the products that need to be stored in appropriate conditions. This will either result in you paying for external storage or expanding your current facility which can be costly. 

Triple Eight have their own purpose-built large multi-storage facility for this purpose. This also takes the stress and responsibility of keeping the products in good condition off your shoulders as this will fall onto the wholesaler.

Why not just buy the wholesale goods from a supermarket?

Triple Eight have researched the wholesale market and understands the trends and patterns of their industry. Their knowledge buyers work hard to source the very best products possible so you don’t have to. This enables them to offer products at the best value for money. 

Other than the goods being sold at a cheaper overall price, there are many benefits regarding efficiency of ordering and reordering, security of being able to depend on a reliable supplier, high quality control, large range of products and much more.

Download our products list to see the large variety of products Triple Eight sells and have a look for yourself or get in touch and one of our experienced staff will help you get what you need.


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